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Security MCU

Improve Cybersecurity with a PUF MCU

From simple tasks to more larger roles, everything is moving online. And, with regular use and reliance on the Internet, many businesses are setting up online shops. When setting up accounts to shop online, many consumers are asked to provide sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, date of birth, social security number, banking information and more - putting them at risk.

With the growing use of technology and the Internet comes the huge risk of attacks. And, with cyber attacks are on the rise, many businesses are falling victims to these attacks. The rise of cyberattacks have many businesses realizing the importance of cybersecurity as cyber attacks on a business comes with huge implications. Not only can these attacks tarnish monetary resources, but they can also have a negative impact on a company’s reputation. 

If you are an owner of a business, establishing measures for cybersecurity is essential. Not only does cybersecurity entail protecting and recovering data on your computer systems and devices, it also means being able to ensure a strong defense against cyber attacks. By establishing a strong cybersecurity within an existing design, businesses can prevent revenue and intellectual property loss, ward off counterfeits and clones and protect their customers’ sensitive information.

One way to protect businesses and up your cybersecurity against invasive and reverse engineering attacks is to implement a PUF MCU into your existing system. 

What is a PUF MCU?

PUF MCU is an acronym for Physically Unclonable Function Microcontroller Unit. Basically, they are microcontrollers with built-in physically unclonable function for financial and government grade cybersecurity. PUF technology intuitively produces a digital fingerprint for its correlated IC; this fingerprint can function as a distinctive secret key for algorithms used in identification, anti-counterfeiting, encryption/decryption, hardware and software binding and authentication. A PUF MCU can detect cyber threats which include cloning, IP theft, code alteration and subscription fraud. This also helps with network protection and data privacy. This security MCU will definitely make a hacker’s life a lot harder. Any business owner who wants to protect their business and customers need to implement a PUF MCU into their existing system. 

With the rising trend in the use of technology and the Internet, the risk of cybersecurity threats are also on the rise and cyber criminals are evolving and coming up with new ways to sabotage cyber security protocols. If businesses are serious about protecting their business they need to invest in a security MCU such as PUF MCU.

If you are in need of security MCU, contact A-China Semiconductor LTD. Our security MCU offers firmware protection to avoid copy, data encryption, IoT authentication & security, smart lock, smart car key, smart ID card.

Contact us to learn more. 

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