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What is an MCU?

You have probably heard the term MCU thrown around and if you are a fan of Marvel comics or the Avengers movie, we are not talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, we are talking about MCU and what it means in the world of electronics. MCU is an acronym for the microcontroller unit. Microcontrollers are like small microcomputers that are self-contained on a single chip. They are generally designed to run a single basic programme repeatedly. Because they are generally limited to performing a single highly specific job, they are a far less complex and dynamic form of CPU than most standalone microprocessors. Microcontrollers work in conjunction with many other electronic circuits and components that are connected through printed circuit boards. The combination of microcontrollers and the components of the printed circuit based boards play a key role in monitoring, controlling and affecting various component and system behaviors. When an MCU is part of a functioning circuit, it can monitor, sense and respond to various behaviors, events or input signals.

There are many recognized manufacturing brands for microcontrollers, but the main difference in microcontrollers are in their sizes. Microcontrollers come in 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit sizes. The microcontroller you choose depends on the scale of your project. 

Microcontrollers are used in many modern applications. If an electronic device contains a display, sensor, a user interface or a programmable output control, it most likely features a microcontroller. Common devices and applications that feature microcontrollers are domestic appliances, medical equipment robotics, automotive control systems, HVAC systems and more. 

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