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WIFI + BT5.0

WIFI + BT5.0 二合一模组

48Mhz ARM Cortex M3 MCU Core for Application with 128K Flash Memory for ISP
8KB SRAM for Cache and 20KB Ultra Low Leakage SRAM
Dedicate ARM Cortex M0 Core, 4KB SRAM, and ROM for RF Operations
Ultra Low Power Consumption, 6.5mA during Active TX at 0dBM
AES128 Encryption for Data Encryption and Authentication
4 General Purpose Diner Module (8x 16 bit or 4x 32 bit timer)
Programmable UART, SPI, i2C, and GPIO Interface
12 bit ADC, 200ksps, 8 Channel Analog Mix and Battery Monitor
Support for 8 Captive Sensing Buttons

80Mhz Low Power 32 bit RISC MCU Core

64KB Instruction RAM and 96KB Data RAM

64KB Booth ROM and 4MB Flash for Application and Data

+20dBm Output in 802.11b Mode

Hardware Accelerator Engine for Encryption and Authentication Operations

Wake Up and Transmit Packets in <2ms

Uart, SPI, i2C, GPIO Interface

802.11 b/g/n Protocol

WiFi 2.4 Ghz Support WPA/WPA2

Full WiFi and TCP/IP (IPv4) Protocol Stack

Station/SoftAP/Station+AP Mode Support

WiFi direct (P2P) support


Integrated RF Shield Available


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